Co-creation process


WATERUN co-creation process is embedded in the Pillar 1 of the project method. It consists of engaging with the key stakeholders from the beginning of WATERUN for its all duration.

SEECON will lead this co-creation process in WP1. The main objective is to empower key stakeholders to actively participate in the decision-making process while analysing and selecting Urban Water Run off (UWR) preventive and mitigation measures, practices, tools and specifications. As UWR management methodology will be implemented in Santiago and Aarhus CS, being of out most importance that citizens and authorities not only are aware of the importance of UWR management, but also demand and act for a change.

Waterun co-creation process


The key objectives of the co-creation process are:

  •  To design and implement a co-creation action plan for an efficient and multidisciplinary participation in the decision-making process, while analysing and selecting the most suitable preventive and mitigation measures to tackle diffuse pollution in Santiago and Aarhus city through a holistic perspective, ensuring complete comprehension of the environmental, social, economic and political dimensions.
  • To establish the requirements, specifications, and architecture of the integrated WATERUN UWR management methodology to be validated in the project CS (Santiago, Aarhus and Amman).
  • To identify the technical dependencies, boundary conditions, inputs-outputs in terms of quality, quantity, and timing, among the working teams and tasks.


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